Adam and Eve Seminar – Dublin and Galway

adam and eve seminar

What is the meaning of marriage in contemporary times?

It is almost upon us now as we do our final preps for the Adam and Eve seminar in Dublin and Galway. Hugh Owen has booked his flight to Ireland, and the event promoters have done their work. We leave it to God Our Heavenly Father, and Our Holy Mother Mary to bless our efforts. If you are in Dublin West this coming Tuesday May 12th, you can come along to Blakestown parish church, Dublin 15 at 7pm. If you are in Galway City, Hugh Owen will give an private Adam and Eve seminar on Wednesday and Thursday 13th, 14th May.

Why these events are a must see

Hugh Owen is a lay Catholic Apologist from the USA, and has been able to explain with pin point accuracy what the Catholic church actually believes in regarding Adam and Eve in relation to the meaning of marriage. Very few men have come even close to explaining church doctrines on the Adam and Eve. For this reason Hugh Owen is a Catholic apologist with a difference. He can see further than most, because he stands on the shoulders of the Church Fathers, Doctors, Saints, Popes and Councils down the ages.

Crowd expecation

We encourage you to come along to this Adam and Eve seminar as the various parishes in Dublin 15 are plugging the marriage seminar event. We are already aware that support is been given in Mountview parish, Hartstown parish, Huntowns parish, Carpenterstown parish, Navan Road parish and more. This is a great opportunity for both priests and lay to get solid formation on the meaning of marriage at a time when this ancient institution is being called into question. We are blessed to have St. Mary of the Servants church as the venue in Blakestown, which caters for a good crowd. we hope to see you there in Dublin or Galway!

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