Is there salvation outside the Catholic Church?

You may have heard this before, there is no salvation outside the Catholic Church. So get on board quick, before its too late. Well thats the upshot of such a view, so much so that since Vatican II that view no longer holds sway. Now there is salvation outside the … More on this here….

The story of Daylight Origins Society

The Daylight Origins Society began back in 1977 as a counter evolution group, spearheaded by the late John Campbell. John began this movement with great concern about the erosion of Catholic values, which as he saw it was the bad fruit of Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. The theory did not … More on this here….

Pope Benedict gives blessing to seminar critically assessing the “Theory of Evolution”

Papal Blessing on critical evolution examination Evolution and Pope Benedict Pope Benedict has given a Vatican Apostolic Blessing to a recent seminar which questioned the certainty of Darwin’s theory of evolution. This seminar took place in the latter half of 2009 in Austria, and is seen as a welcome development … More on this here….

Creation or Evolution within the Catholic Church

What is Creationism? Creationism is the belief that God created the universe, and the life therein less than 10,000 years ago, and that Genesis is a historical account of our beginnings. Then we have its polar opposite, Evolutionism, which has some variations. What then is Evolutionism? For the sake of … More on this here….

Free Catholic Magazine Back Issue

Daylight Origins Society are giving away old back issue magazine for free as part of a promotion campaign for their newly established facebook page. Daylight Origins have come along way in terms of internet technology since the Daylight Origins Society website was launched over 5 years ago. The initial website … More on this here….

The Natural History Museum in Tring, England

Today’s trip to the Natural History Museum in Tring was a great day trip. It’s not far from Luton Airport, London in the UK and there was a small token Irish contingency present namely John and Gearoid to meet Daylight magazine editor Anthony Nevard. We discussed what is evolution and … More on this here….

Letter about Teilhard de Chardin

In a letter highlighting his concerns about Pere Teilhard de Chardin, the philosopher Etienne Gilson wrote to Cardinal De Lubac: “What worries me is that while our Christian theologians developed their theologies from meditations on the Scriptures, Teilhard, grounded in his evolutionist consciousness, built his theology on a meditation on … More on this here….