A letter to the editor on Maurice Crosland

The below blog is taken with permission. The context was a follow up from a letter about creation-evolution published in the Catholic Herald. The below follow up letter reads thus: SIR – Regarding the interview (June 7) with Maurice Crosland on the alleged clash between faith and reason, I would … More on this here….

Hugh Owen in Ireland

We had the privilege of somewhat supporting week long tour in Ireland for Hugh Owen. His primary task was speaking about Luisa Piccarreta and the Divine Will. Hugh Owen arrived from the Netherlands, where he gave a talk after his successful Cairo trip in Egypt. Hugh’s Ireland tour encompasses Dublin, … More on this here….

In the Beginning… God said Abracadabra?

Pope Francis hit the headlines again with another statement that has caused a ripple effect around Catholic circles. The pontiff reportedly said that God isn’t ‘a magician with a magic wand’. This statement was made at the Pontifical Academy of Science and has made it into the news around the … More on this here….

Catholic Dogma on Creation regarding Adam & Eve

A recent discussion with a friend from Ireland’s majestic Connemara region shed much light on the often overlooked Catholic dogma on creation regarding Adam & Eve. The focus gravitated towards the soul being created instantly, and being fused into man’s body. The body could technically have evolved, until God fused … More on this here….

Who claims the book of Genesis is a science book?

Anyone who wants to understand Special Creation as a Catholic may encounter statements like, Genesis is not a science book. That is usually the 1st level of defense for theistic evolution. John Halford is a teacher, minister & journalist who stresses the importance of understanding that the book of Genesis … More on this here….

How evolution affects our thinking

What difference does it make what you believe regarding creation, so long as Jesus is central to your thinking? Well that is a point that is sometimes leveled at Catholics who question the wisdom of theistic evolution and the certainty of the theory of evolution. On the surface, you could … More on this here….

Former intelligent design advocate Francis J. Beckwith

Its always nice to hear a good conversion story, where an evangelical protestant converts to Catholicism. Francis Beckwith is a testimony to such a story. Francis is now a Catholic, and was former intelligent design advocate. A man who has truth, comes to the fullness of truth. What a great … More on this here….