The little wonder

We never really give too much thought to the birds of the air, and how well designed they are for aerial maneuvers. The ability to fly has long been a desire for man, and today flight travel is part and parcel of our living standards. The planes today are modeled … More on this here….

Our latest Daylight milestone in the pipeline

Our Daylight ministry is micro evolving nicely, with some intelligently graphic designed imagery, and some nicely organised reading material. Our Origins Society have almost reached a new Daylight milestone with the latest magazine preps for issue no. 50. This is a labour of love, and we are proud in the … More on this here….

No apologies – the universe is intelligently designed

Friar Joseph discusses evidence for an intelligently designed universe via the watch maker principle. Watch this 4 minute clip and get educated today. No apologies, God created the universe and you too! … More on this here….

Intelligent design – what’s it all about

Intelligent design denotes a scientific paradigm that researches creatures great and small from the premise of an intelligent designer. The philosophy of intelligent design is concerned with the ingenuity of anatomy within animal kingdom as well as insects, and flora. The fine tuned universe is also an area of interest … More on this here….