The good fruits of scientific inquiry

Little did we ever imagine, that by questioning the validity of Darwin’s theory of evolution as a scientific fact, what path this would lead us to. We did have some accurate guesses as to how people would react to our endeavors. That being mainly one of ridicule, and rejection. But … More on this here….

Ireland and the gay marriage vote

62% of Irish people favoured the gay marriage vote in Ireland, which is about 1.1 million Irish citizens. It was 36 years ago, when Pope John Paul II visited Ireland in 1979. Back then, a sizeable 1.25 million citizens congregated at Dublin’s Phoenix Park to here Saint John Paul celebrate … More on this here….

Adam & Eve – The meaning of marriage?

What is the meaning of marriage? Is it about love & relationships, or is it simply about family? Could it be a combination of the two? Well, perhaps you can decide for yourself. After all, who are we to judge? These questions are asked of many people the world over … More on this here….

The creature is often more revered…

It has been stated in Holy Scripture (see Romans 1:25) that the creature is more revered than the creator! If we look around our impassioned world, it seems to be a very accurate statement. How many of us spend a life time admiring the beauty of the opposite sex, be … More on this here….


Where Catholics need to pour resources

Many Catholic countries around the world are at risk from infidels. Our Catholicism is far from secure, as moral depravity sweeps across once strong Christian lands. Abortion and Euthanasia are becoming evermore prevalent and accepted as ‘normal’ by secular governments. There is a rise of gay activism of the similitude … More on this here….

Cromwell would love an Ireland free from Catholicism

Cromwell’s truth will set you free?

Can you imagine how life changing truth must be? Can you consider how much of an impact truth can have on our way of thinking? Knowing what is right and wrong can be based on knowing truth. Right and wrong are justified by truth. Believing partial truths will inevitably lead … More on this here….


Foisting a new culture?

What if we could change the world by manipulation, what would you think? Do you think this approach fair, reasonable, and noble? Or is the idea exceptionally base? Imagine if you wanted to force school students to accept Darwin’s theory as a fact. But you found that the school ethos … More on this here….