Chimpanzee Personhood Madness

Chimpanzee personhood

Man and his personhood bride. This is sadly where things are headed with confused court cases in New York

The ever downward spiral continues for contemporary society. The incremental steps towards an inevitable scenario is set in train. The social engineers are hard at work bearing fruits of confusion among our children and young impressionable students. The stage seems set, the courts are being tested. Are chimpanzees human? For an older generation, this is chimpanzee personhood madness. But social engineers are cunning animals in their own field, and they can create conditions for endorsing chimpanzees as persons. Don’t underestimate their sophistry, social engineers successfully promoted gay marriage in Ireland through compassionate and equality arguments.

Preventing animals being detained for research

Social engineers are good at appealing to the emotional senses. They use or build scenarios that the majority of people can relate easily too. Social engineers are capable marketers, and understand their game well. Who wants to hear about chimpanzees suffering in research labs. These labs undermine animal dignity. The chimpanzee personhood debate in New York’s courts might initially seem absurd to the average Joe Bloggs, but it is no doubt a major development for animal rights fundamentalists. They will be helped by social engineers, and convincing animal rights arguments will be sold to young impressionable minds. Even to the point of accepting the plausibility that chimpanzee personhood makes perfect sense. But this has serious implications for mankind regardless of how one might feel. It undermines personhood.

Building up the morass of societal madness

All this talk of the chimpanzee personhood challenge in the U.S. courts is inevitably coming from a well known philosophy. That philosophy being Darwin’s theory of Evolution. Chimpanzee resemble human features, and have a certain level of intelligence. Many college students believe that chimpanzees have a high level of intelligence, an evolutionary process that merits personhood status. So any decision to grant chimpanzee’s personhood status will sadly have support among the youth. Social engineers are quick to tap into this emotional consent, and court judges who blunder in statements regarding chimpanzee personhood status become mere pawns for a more confused society. The stage will then be set… One man and his chimpanzee bride? Be warned! This is the fruits of theistic evolution

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