Christ died & rose again for atonement of our sins. He is the lamb of God

Jesus rises from the dead

Jesus overcomes the power of death in his resurrection, becoming the new Adam

This Easter Weekend, many Catholics will attend Easter Sunday Mass because of the day that is in it. They may hear the homily… that Christ died for us & rose again, so that we might have life. They may hear another variation… that Christ died for our sins & rose again for the salvation of our souls. With Easter Sunday Mass, the focus will be more on His resurrection from the dead, than his crucifixion.  Of course this kind of homily is good food for the soul, and good news for us. So we can only be joy filled about it, and praise God for His goodness.

Theological problems quietly arise

However, there is an important omission to the above approach in homily style, despite its best intentions. There is a premise that everyone understands the nature of sin. On the surface, everyone knows that to sin is to offend God. But where does sin come from? This is considered a mystery today by many theologians. The only answer they can give is the fall of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. Many theologians today will go to great lengths to down play a literal interpretation of Adam and Eve. They do this because they imprudently believe in contemporary interpretations on origins science matters. They believe that man evolved from a common ancestor with the apes. Origins science then is seen to do away with a literal interpretation of the Catholic creation account in Genesis. This then brings about the mystery card, that is needed to overcome the issue of original sin.

Effects on man’s thinking

Once you throw up the mystery card as a theologian, the persistent questioning around original sin will peter out. That’s good news for the theologian, who may simply want to move on and give an exegesis on the life of Christ. But at the subconscious level, the persistent demand for a reason for original sin will continue to harass the laity. Children in particular will want to know everything all at once, and will ask question after question. The mystery card will only placate them for so long. If Children can’t resolve this mystery as they grow older, they may one day just give up. That is exactly what a lot of teenagers and young adults do.

The real meaning of Easter

To understand the meaning of Easter in its fullness, we need to understand that original sin had its origins in an historical context. We must take God at His Divinely revealed Word, like the Church Fathers, Popes and Doctors did. Adam and Eve lay at the foundation of sin, our first two parents whom God fashioned. They were not the product of a common ancestor as some theistic evolutionists might have you believe. Through one man (Adam), all have sinned and experience physical death. But through one man, Our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ, all may (if they wish) receive redemption from sin and experience eternal life.      Jesus died and rose from the dead, to overcome the curse of sin and death. That is the gift He is offering us today. Praise God for his redeeming act, and Happy Easter to you.

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