Daylight magazine edition no. 51 on the way

Dayligh magazine edition on dog species

There are all sorts of dogs from the one kind of animal. Dogs get their existence from the wolf, who had all the DNA to produce such a wide variation of dogs.

Good news to all our Daylight supporters out there. Our latest Daylight magazine is presently taking shape with our front & rear cover now finalised. We have our articles submitted, and our Editor & Chief is in the process of deciding whats in and whats out. This Daylight magazine edition no. 51 will be another great supplement to the Catholic faithful. Daylight Origins are not into Modern Biblical Scholarships, nor Historical Critical Methods. We are only interested in proclaiming what the Catholic church believes on Special Creation as was taught by the Church Fathers, Saints, Doctors, Popes and Church Councils.

Variation & Natural Selection – Yes, Evolution – No

Charles Darwin recognised that there was variation of species on the Galapogos islands. He could see that the environment could have an influence on the physical character of certain species of Finches. An example of this is longer or short beaks, depending on the availability of food beneath the ground surface. Longer beaks are needed when food is scarce, while shorter beaks will suffice in an environment of plenty. Thus we have natural selection. But has it been observed that feather weight Finches have evolved into another animal kind? No observation has been recorded. No feather weight Finch has been known to evolve into a heavy weight Dinosaur for example. It would be absurd to suggest that this may ever have happened with any bird past or present. Daylight magazine edition no. 51 highlights natural selection & variation as a special feature in our origins science reflections.

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