From Adam and Eve to the Present… continued

Adam and Eve

The Romans understood history differently

Our mission has been completed, and we’ve read Patrick Redmond’s book; From Adam and Eve to the Present. It has been a reasonably good read, for those truth seekers who just want to know where they came from. It really put a whole lot of questions into perspective, and the answers where equally focused. This book is an illustrated answers book on those often illusory quests for answers that fit the jigsaw puzzle well. Reading this book on mankind’s history coupled with recent DNA research was like having an expert piece the jigsaw with you, (but not for you).

The Roman empire and the Gaul’s

Patrick Redmond puts historical context into perspective, reminding the reader of how the Romans viewed other ethnicities with little distinction. For example the Gauls and the Celts were lumped in together, and given the common title as Gauls. That alone should alert the reader that all is not what it seems in recorded history, as when the Romans fought the Gauls, and they recorded it, it is quite possible that they were referring to Celts. Learning of Celtic history through Patrick Redmond, left a more rounded impression of this particular ethnicity than was heretofore possible.

Adam and Eve from the Near East

Patrick Redmond carefully illustrates through the DNA markers and interpretations, how it is likely that Adam and Eve are from the Near East, and not East Africa. This interpretation challenges modern day assumptions on the origins of Man. Yet this jigsaw piece fits in nicely with ancient historical narratives and contemporary DNA Analysis. The good news for Daylight supporters is that you can download ‘From Adam and Eve to the Present’ in PDF format, and enjoy a well put together project. Once you complete this book, you’ll be streets ahead of revisionist historians.

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