From Adam and Eve to the Present

From Adam and Eve to the Present

This book is a must read for truth seekers

It was with great joy to receive unexpectantly in the post, a book on origins science called ‘From Adam and Eve to the Present’. This book is a human journey written by Patrick Redmond who lives in Canada and has strong Irish roots. Delving into this book, one quickly realises that the material is very well researched, and really offers something very unique to truth seekers. This can be said with confidence even though only the first chapter has been read, while other segments of the book have received a glimpse. It is an unusual combination of DNA sequence, supplemented by recorded History.

Retracing our ancestral footsteps

Patrick Redmond illustrates the scientific findings of the Genographic Project which charts migration of the human race through DNA analysis. This book can be a little on the intellectual side, so its a great idea to supplement Redmond’s research with actual historical data. Having strong Irish roots results in a strong leaning towards ancient Irish History. This means that the lay reader will get a dose of scientific literature, along with fascinating cultural history. From Adam and Eve to the Present gives in-dept knowledge of the Irish, as well as other European peoples in relation to their DNA sequence and markers.

Where can you get this book?

‘From Adam and Eve to the Present’ is available on Amazon. You can also purchase from Antique gifts. This book will literally catapult your origins science knowledge, and save you hours, days, weeks, months and years wondering exactly where man came from. We know its good, because we recognise some of the sources, such as the General History of Ireland and the Four Masters. This book is highly recommended, particularly for the Irish, Irish Americans, Irish Canadians, and true historians around the world.

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