Hugh Owen in Ireland

Hugh Owen in Ireland debating with Michael Nugent of Atheist Ireland

Michael Nugent debate with Hugh Owen regarding the the best paradigm to view origins. Did God create man, or did evolution take its natural course?

We had the privilege of somewhat supporting week long tour in Ireland for Hugh Owen. His primary task was speaking about Luisa Piccarreta and the Divine Will. Hugh Owen arrived from the Netherlands, where he gave a talk after his successful Cairo trip in Egypt. Hugh’s Ireland tour encompasses Dublin, Limerick, Tralee, Cork and Derry. The main focus in Ireland will be on the Divine Will, but there will also be some Special Creation ministry.

Catholic Voice Gala

Hugh attended the Catholic Voice Gala in Limerick. This gave ample opportunity for Hugh to speak to Catholic clergy in Ireland, with the view to creating possible seminars on Special Creation. This was an area of great concern for Hugh Owen who firmly believes that theistic evolution is having a devastating effect of the Catholic faith in Ireland. Darwin’s theory of evolution has many unanswered questions, and is heavily reliant on suggestive evidence.

Atheist Ireland Debate

With Hugh Owen in Ireland, it gave opportunity for a debate with atheist Michael Nugent. It was good to see a respectful discussion take place between an atheist and a Catholic Scholar. Debating a topic is not the same as giving a seminar, and is more like a contest over hearts & minds. We pray that God gave Hugh Owen the right words to speak in defence of the Catholic faith. As a participant, it seemed likely that Hugh was more than capable of showing up the flaws within Darwin’s theory. Debating is a new development for the Kolbe Centre, Michael Nugent of Atheist Ireland has already uploaded the recorded discussion. However, we also have the full version which we will upload to you tube for your benefit.

The debate as edited by Atheist Ireland

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