I have spoken to you from Heaven

A Catholic Defense of Creation in Six DaysA Catholic Defense of Creation in Six Days can be researched with the aid of a recently launched (2015) publication. ‘I have spoken to you from Heaven’ is a new book co-authored by 3 Catholic men, and sets out to chart how and why the Catholic church understands the creation account Genesis to be literal history. It is a unique work, and gives clear insights into the minds of our Church Fathers. Anyone who is providentially blessed enough to read this book, will be quickly up to speed on the Catholic side of Special Creation by Fiat (God’s Will).

Unpacking St. Augustine

‘I have spoken to you from Heaven’ indicates that 97% of the Church Fathers as believing in 6 literal days of Special Creation followed by a Sabbath. Only St. Augustine considered that the time period for Special Creation could have happened in 1 day. In this regard, St. Augustine was a stand alone Church Father, representing 3% of the recognized Church Fathers. Somehow, St. Augustine’s understanding of the creation account in Genesis, has cast serious doubt over the 97% of Church Fathers who believe in 6 literal 24 hour days. Even more unsettling is the fact that despite Augustine’s assertions of a possible 1 day creation, theologians today seem content to suggest a long period of creation over a vast epoch. Today, notions of theistic evolution hold sway.

What confusion there is…

97% of Church Fathers seem to take the consensus view that the world was created in 6 literal days, implying a recent creative act. Yet what we have today among Catholic scholars is this strange consensus view that the universe is 14.6 billion years old. Man has appeared 2.5 million years ago, and modern man appeared 200,000 years ago. This consensus view rests upon the scientific belief from questionable interpreted data. These figures tear to shreds what all the Church Fathers believed, St. Augustine included. It is hard to believe how modern Catholic scholars can simply disregard what the Catholic church has defended for so long. A traditional & literal interpretation of Genesis. But all is not lost. Get your copy of ‘I Have Spoken to you from Heaven‘ today.

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