Ireland and the gay marriage vote

gay marriage vote Ireland

The gay marriage vote in Ireland will have serious ramifications for the Catholic church.

62% of Irish people favoured the gay marriage vote in Ireland, which is about 1.1 million Irish citizens. It was 36 years ago, when Pope John Paul II visited Ireland in 1979. Back then, a sizeable 1.25 million citizens congregated at Dublin’s Phoenix Park to here Saint John Paul celebrate Holy Mass. Catholic Ireland seemed very strong back then, but as the years went by, the faith began to diminish. Ireland’s standing as a Catholic country has now been greatly relegated. It is a shocking reality, but now the world will probably perceive Ireland as a gay nation. For Catholics in Ireland, its more than high time to fully reflect where things are going…

Where were our Irish Catholic leaders

This gay marriage vote in Ireland was very strong, particularly among young ideologically driven people who believe that equality should extend to all people, (gays included). Marriage equality sounded only right and just to their impressionable minds. So how come our Catholic leaders did not come out strongly against gay marriage. Surely archbishop Diarmuid Martin knows of the serious ramifications undermining the institution of marriage will have on Ireland. The hierarchy did not lead the flock, and the result is the Catholic church in Ireland is in deep trouble. There is no longer protection from the Irish constitution for any Christian denomination regarding the sanctity of marriage. The Irish college of bishops on the whole have let themselves down.

Poor catechisis and pastoral ministry

Only a few bishops spoke courageously against gay marriage. But the problem really began before Saint John Paul’s visit to Ireland in 1979. The seminary formation in the 1970s was not great, and theistic evolution took sway. Any reasons for believing in a personal God has since been undermined by Darwin’s influence over modern theology. But even with this in mind, the vast majority of reeling Catholics in Ireland will not consider belief in evolution a problem with their faith. They will not reflect on this at a serious level. The Catholic church in Ireland is in trouble. In one referendum, we’ve brought about the start of a new Cromwellian era into Ireland. The gay marriage vote will have serious implications for the clergy, and the faithful. The mass rocks of old, will be back with a vengeance…

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