Muslims reject Darwin’s theory

Muslims reject Darwin's theory

Rejecting Darwin’s theory of evolution has strengthened the Islamic religion. On the other hand embracing this same theory has weakened the faith of many Catholics

The rise of Islam is causing concern for Catholics throughout the world with the onset of fundamentalist militia, hell bent on eradicating Christianity. The irony is, that Christianity’s current demise in the Western world has much to do with evolutionism & Darwinism. If Catholic theologians took the threat of Darwin’s theory seriously, then we could stem our own crumbling Mass attendance, and quickly rebuild the Kingdom of God. Instead, Catholics seem too keen to compromise with Darwin’s theory of evolution, while Islamic fundamentalist surge ahead, building their faith on God’s Special Creation. You could be sure however, that if Christianity were to rediscover Special Creation, and reject Darwin’s theory, there would be no fundamentalist beheading of Muslims. You might believe instead that an inquisition against Muslims would follow. But even this would arguably be comparatively modest to brutal beheadings for the sake of shock & awe. Just some thoughts for the week…

photo credit: Omar Chatriwala via photopin cc

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