From Adam and Eve to the Present… continued

Our mission has been completed, and we’ve read Patrick Redmond’s book; From Adam and Eve to the Present. It has been a reasonably good read, for those truth seekers who just want to know where they came from. It really put a whole lot of questions into perspective, and the … More on this here….

Adam and Eve Seminar – Dublin and Galway

It is almost upon us now as we do our final preps for the Adam and Eve seminar in Dublin and Galway. Hugh Owen has booked his flight to Ireland, and the event promoters have done their work. We leave it to God Our Heavenly Father, and Our Holy Mother … More on this here….

Christ died & rose again for atonement of our sins. He is the lamb of God

This Easter Weekend, many Catholics will attend Easter Sunday Mass because of the day that is in it. They may hear the homily… that Christ died for us & rose again, so that we might have life. They may hear another variation… that Christ died for our sins & rose … More on this here….