Adam & Eve – The meaning of marriage?

What is the meaning of marriage? Is it about love & relationships, or is it simply about family? Could it be a combination of the two? Well, perhaps you can decide for yourself. After all, who are we to judge? These questions are asked of many people the world over … More on this here….


Foisting a new culture?

What if we could change the world by manipulation, what would you think? Do you think this approach fair, reasonable, and noble? Or is the idea exceptionally base? Imagine if you wanted to force school students to accept Darwin’s theory as a fact. But you found that the school ethos … More on this here….

Catholic Dogma on Creation regarding Adam & Eve

A recent discussion with a friend from Ireland’s majestic Connemara region shed much light on the often overlooked Catholic dogma on creation regarding Adam & Eve. The focus gravitated towards the soul being created instantly, and being fused into man’s body. The body could technically have evolved, until God fused … More on this here….