Removing the evolution mindset changes more than origin science views

We never knew that the road we were to embark on was to be so very rich & fulfilling. This is exactly how it is turning out to be. Once we removed ourselves from the evolution mindset of molecules to man with the vast timeline, a vacuum was ready to … More on this here….

Origins Science magazine for Catholics

The Daylight Origins Science magazine issue no. 47 is in the process on being finalized for printing, and promises to be another good read for our Daylight subcribers. The editor & chief (Anthony) has ensured that it is contemporary and will be worth a browse. This origins science journal is … More on this here….

The importance of maintaining the hermeneutic of continuity

When we consider how the Catholic church stacks up against the world today, it becomes apparent that she is not in great shape. It seems that there is something quite lacking that was not lacking before. It seems that the bride is without her husband to the extent that the … More on this here….

The Daylight Ireland Origins Science Tour begins today

This week is an important week for Ireland, although not the most significant one. The editor of Daylight magazine Anthony Nevard has arrived on our shores. We have our Daylight Ireland tour plans laid out for us, so we will have a lot to do for the cause of Special … More on this here….

Daylight breaks new ground in web stats – good news for origins science evangelization

The web stats for the Daylight Origins website is progressing nicely on a gentle upward incline. This is always encouraging news as we reach more and more Catholics on the origins science discourse. Our simple strategy of regular blogging have borne good fruits. More of our keywords and phrases are … More on this here….

Origins Science veterans coming to Ireland this 2013

Our editor & chief of Daylight magazine is coming to Ireland for a visit this July in a prelude to a follow up by the Kolbe Center in October. This is great news for the Emerald Isle, once known for her Saints and Scholars. Our Origins Science veterans know the … More on this here….