Hugh Owen in Ireland

We had the privilege of somewhat supporting week long tour in Ireland for Hugh Owen. His primary task was speaking about Luisa Piccarreta and the Divine Will. Hugh Owen arrived from the Netherlands, where he gave a talk after his successful Cairo trip in Egypt. Hugh’s Ireland tour encompasses Dublin, … More on this here….

Evolution and the Counter Revolution

With Darwin’s theory holding sway over the Catholic culture, should theologians be concerned by the decline in faith. Do they even get the connection between Darwinism and this decline? Perhaps they do, but the theistic evolutionary cop out has only emboldened Darwinist’s to lay a stake to the claim of … More on this here….

Pope John Paul II – His statement on evolution in October 1996

Much has been said of Pope John Paul II’s statement “evolution as more than an hypothesis” pronounced in 1996. You can read the MESSAGE TO THE PONTIFICAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES: ON EVOLUTION as was given by Pope John Paul II. This statement heralded a readily acceptance of the theory of evolution within the … More on this here….