The creature is often more revered…

undue reverence of man

We often revere the creature, and lose sight of Our Glorious Creator who gave us as gifts to one another.

It has been stated in Holy Scripture (see Romans 1:25) that the creature is more revered than the creator! If we look around our impassioned world, it seems to be a very accurate statement. How many of us spend a life time admiring the beauty of the opposite sex, be it in relationships or fleeting moments. Even as we get older, the trend never really goes away. It is true however that the more maturer we get, the less the unbridled impassion will be. But there remains always an inkling surfacing from time to time. What is it about the creature, that usurps reverence from the Creator? Why is the creature is often more revered?

What does the Creator God look like?

We are created in the image and likeness of God, so we expect a God who is anthropomorphic. We also have the triune God, (the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost). God is all powerful and all knowing. God is Love, and we are his foster children. Saying all of the above conjures up an image of God. Jesus of Nazereth is God the Son, and he lives in the Father, and the Father in Him. Jesus is God, and the Shroud of Turin gives us a glimpse into the stature of what our Saviour looked like. However, we never really see God, so it’s faith with reason. That might be why the creature is often more revered.

Why revere the Creator at all?

It is easy to admire a model member of the opposite sex for their natural beauty. This is because, we can see with our eyes the creature in front of us. But when we get to know the creature, we may find ourselves either liking or disliking this now familiar creature. We may look to admire another creature. But God created the creature, and we owe our existence to his creative act. So the next time your taken by an admiral member of the opposite sex, think wow, God you thought of this person. Without you God, this person and everyone else would simply not exist! Praise God then for His Special Creation. Let it be that the creature is often more revered no more.

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