The little wonder

DM007 Drone - The little wonder

The majesty of flying

We never really give too much thought to the birds of the air, and how well designed they are for aerial maneuvers. The ability to fly has long been a desire for man, and today flight travel is part and parcel of our living standards. The planes today are modeled on the aviation design of God’s created feathered birds. Modern day planes do mimic as much as possible the aerodynamic contours of the birds of the air. The case for intelligent design is often overlooked, perhaps due to the power of the jet engine ability to power the flight.

A providential purchase

After making a recent purchase of a light quad-copter or camera drone, we set it to task with some flying lessons. At first we struggled, with some crash landings and wobbly flight maneuvers. Then we got more steady, and finally we began to fly to impressive heights. But even still we never really thought about the brilliance of God’s created Finches for example. It was not until a windy Irish day, when something wonderful unfurled as our second nature piloting skills began to kick in. As the student pilot became the master pilot, a lesson for the benefit of another, became a lesson for the benefit of master and student. Intelligent design became the obvious lesson.

Recognising immense intelligent design

Flying a light quad-copter against the headwind was too difficult, but with a touch of the control joy stick, the drone flew in a sideways position, yet moving steadily forward. It was as if the side ward motion gave the drone a cutting edge. Soon we realized that just a the sailors don’t sail against the headwind, neither should the pilot of a quad-copter. We began to whisk and circle forward through the air like a dance. Then some small bird of the air joined our quod-copter, somewhat following its maneuvers. We were stunned, even the birds don’t fly against the headwind. Perhaps this is why God’s created fowl dance through the skies on a windy day.

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